Mercy by Rudene Watt

Rudene Watt | June 5th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

Some days the sun smothers her,
scorching with it’s roaring rays.
repeatedly blisters blemish and blossom her skin
whilst walking through the desert for days.

With vultures waiting, her back turned.
she stumbles but never ever falls.
Sometimes leans, for but a moments rest,
against the enclosing desert walls.

But oft’ you bring clouds that shower the earth
and water flows down the street, to waste,
like the tears from her cheeks.
With pink eyes and blossom faced.

She looks up at the heavens,
hands still catching the last few rain drops. Clear,
becomes the sky before night falls.
And, along with the hot day, vanishes all fear.

Will you make days dissolve into everlasting
nights, to see diamonds scattered over skies.
They tell true haunting stories and shine
so bright that swallowed is even the biggest lies.

O, bring forth those peaceful nights, and haste,
that I may find solace in the moon’s grace.

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