Mesmerising Me by Themesha Khan

Themesha Khan | Apr 16th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


The first observation of your precious fingers
Rejuvenated my sense of wonder in the world
I wondered how I would teach you to discern colours
Yet your effortless naming of reds, blues and greens
Made me realise that such experiences were and are
Completely out of my hands

My hands

Such a weighty burden
To carry the future in my
Insignificant hands

Hands that hold you when fear raises its ugly head
Hands that needs to catch you when you fall

Hands that one day
Will have to learn
To let you go

Poet Bio

Themesha Khan has a passion for the written word. She has dabbled in poetry from the tender age of ten. She is an engineer by profession and a mum to two beautiful daughters.

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