Million Pieces of a Broken Heart by Sparten

Sparten | April 20th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

love fled the scene
silence held treachery captive
greed strangled friendship
shadows left clues in a dark room
honesty salvaged truth from hornets nest
intercourse flipped a coins which landing on its head
tale is envisaged consequences declined hiding from seek
broadcasting the source
shame gazed down
regrets bullied blessings pointing fingers
Judas descendants were still forbidden to potter near trust
forgiveness was paralyzed
with happiness brutally stoned to death
he was strapped by loneliness

Poet Bio

Thabang Kuteng (SPARTEN) was born in South Africa (Pretoria). He is poet, writer, and performer. He discovered his art many years ago in primary school when he won numerous competitions through drawing. Thabang’s history in writing poetry started back in high school when it was part of English literature. Since then he has focused on writing, performing and it has been 7 years participating in various poetry shows, events, and sessions. his writing is influenced by many things namely his life, Surroundings, Religion, astrology, mythology, African history, Earth history. Words are a powerful source that can fight ignorance he said.

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