A miracle waiting on herself by Sinaso Mxakaza

Sinaso Mxakaza | February 16th, 2018 | poetry seen | No Comments

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Watching children struggle
in the arms of a strange presence
taking them to the waters
mirrors growing pains
A christening of ourselves
to each milestone
Emotions taking root
in the fibres of our beings
Reality dines on hopes
A naysayer even at times
when miracles are needed
I see the way life holds me
in how relentless men
seeking redemption
cling to their beliefs and vices
To maybe forget their imperfections

A new day begs a fresh start
I‘m a raising sun from within
laying the past to sleep
lessons she taught me a keepsake
Morning coffee brew motivation
There is meditation in falling
and learning to soar again
My figure looms on this balance
We all want to be the phoenix
but nobody can stand burning
I do so in pain
breathing back these collections
My waters keep me afloat

Poet Bio

Sinaso Mxakaza started writing in 2008 inspired by her love for books and a need to express herself. Her poetry is about healing, change and finding one‘s voice.

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