Mirror the Sky by Dark Plasma

Dark Plasma | Apr 17th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


I’m a dark cloud without a sky, but my mind is thunder
I’m the black silhouette of a waving white flag
The white noise in an oblivion of years gone by
The perpetual night that keeps the world turning in an echo

A thousand millennia have since washed-up new forms of life
And all the wonder and splendor carved in rock beyond her shore
At a snail’s pace, precious stones display with no mind to shell
Oils amass only for their natural beauty to be diamonds and pearls

I’m a crashing wave of fists swallowed by her sheer monstrosity
Dissipating in a sea of eyes to unknown depths of shame
My soul’s complexion was a ceaseless torrent
Emerging a solid bone of compassion formed of electric currents

To flock the endlessness of space like ravens
With wave after wave of nuclear rapids that ripple through time
Raise the deep blue like a spaceship brightly into the heavens
Back to the good old days of smoke signals and gunpowder

But a world war is the best time travel
The quickest way to erase our history
The fastest way to advance at the expense of the defeated
The darkest way to chart a new course for a bright future

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