mirrors by Fefekazi Mavuso

Fefekazi Mavuso | September 7th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge | 1 Comment

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i am painted in a coat of bronze thickeness
the patterns in my eyes reflect the intensity of my stance
crooked smile, faded dimple
my jawline outlines the contours of the words i utter and the uphill of my nose
my inner being is a graceful catastrophe
a deity of sunrise and sunset’s humble strength,
bittersweet detours, traces of resilience and the pain of childbirth

my faith is mapped between heaps of doubt and last minute prayers
within me are signs of humour and the echoes of memorable laughter

my soul seeks the ability to forgive
for the walls of pride to fall
to live within the beauty of art, the sculptures of colour, the rhythm of music and lingering words unspoken

my quest is to detangle the threads of depiction and to glorify my own purpose
within my core is empathy my ability to feel and understand without being told
solitude, a missing piece in a turmoil of confusion silence, complete absence of sound and my inability to utter emotion
complexity, the questions, the plots and the deception of my own actions
contradictions, the inconsistency in my ways and the inability to explain reason
love, a reflection of selflessness and sacrifice
trust, a belief in my own truth, my own

Poet Bio

Fefekazi love’s writing poetry, reading and photography.

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