Mornings by Maggy Greaver

Maggy Greaver | March 19th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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Morbid ,Stiff
Lead heavy eyelids
Finally opened to meet the sunrise
feet hit the ground
Cold as Ice
A new day has come
meeting it with chores
No time for quite Moments
Mind flashed With TO Dos
Wake them up
Shout to meet times unforgiving orders
It’s horns hitting the number hours orderly
Tick , Tick , Tick BOM
BOM my unorganized mind
evoke my mommy mode
Cries, Grovels and screams
Clean Them
Dress Them
Lunch Them
Goodbye Them
as the new day grows old by hours
with old complete routines
Morbid ,Stiff
feather light eyelids
Can’t close for a quick prayer
to order the new old days happenings
With Faith
Christians Guilt awakes
Morbid, Stiff push through the feelings
Forget the emotions
Hit the day running
Bath, Dress
Hit the road running
turn the radio Knob
to impact the guilt of the Being

The mornings are harsh
Governed by times horns so ruthless and piercing
will they be forgiving if I start them with
A prayer
Grateful spirit
Praise on my lips
Love in my heart
Peace in my soul

I am a Christian Mom and I struggle with Mornings
Morbid, Stiff giving grey hair to a new born day

Poet Bio

Maggy Greaver, Mom, daughter , Wife and a Friend

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