Mother, All Mothers from East by Kian Zehtabian

Kian Zehtabian | Sep 27th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


Mother, oh you have burned
In the hands of time, by the sands of time
The eastern world drowned you in its pits
For the words unleashed
By people’s unholy mouths
You made me speak four languages
And all your life, freely
You have spoken none.
Mother, they speak of dignity
Of which natures, they are blind
Women of your age all are like you
Giving birth to phoenixes one after another
Yet they remain ashes
Ashes to the unkindness of their husbands
Hatred of people, demonic looks of demons
All your life obliged.
Mother, you cut off your wings
So I can fly.

Poet Bio

Kian Zehtabian is a 24-year-old psychology student from Iran. He has been writing poetry in Persian for a few years and then he decided to write in English. Some of his writing has been published in Academy of The Heart and Mind and uglywriters. He also loves cinema and does photography. He is indeed fluent in his mother language which is Persian and also English and German and he is currently learning Italian. He truly loves and enjoys English literature and his main influencing poets are T.S Eliot and Walt Whitman and Sylvia Plath.

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