Mother by Asiphe Beje

Asiphe Beje | February 10th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


She is a mother of three.
This was never her dream.
She had one while she was still a teen.
She missed all the time to play on trees.
The devil won with his tricks
He Trapped her while she was on the right track
Elders eyed a leader on her, now they are left crying
She is pushing hard like truck
She is carry all her broken dreams
Shame was all she knew.
She can’t even smile; all she does is to grin.

Now she has to hustle green pastures.
Deep in her thoughts there is hope.
Stronger than a steel, she never dropped a tear.
Although her heart is torn apart.
She Had to swallow all sadness.
Drinking bitterness of life with positive posture

Dry seemed her life
Drunk seemed her dreams
Drained seemed her spirit

Watching her kids play is a great scene for her.
She is the light to them.
The little one saw a tear on her.
Came close, ‘mama are you crying ‘.
Whipping the tear “no boy something entered my eye”.
Trying to hide the pain.
She wants to paint a beautiful picture for them.
Her kids need more hope.
Their father ran faster than a cheater.
Children are not cheap.
He was never prepared to pay bails.
He just likes pretty faces but can’t faces pretty responsibilities.
This is the reason she wants no man near her they have no respect.

She never rests always hustling for joy.
In every corner she meets her past reminding her of failed attempts.
Despite the odds she keeps going.
Knocking on closed doors with hope of finding a promise land
There is no time for whining she has to win for her kids
She did repent Jesus is her leader, she is no longer wearing jeans.
Lord is her strength she is a woman of prayer
She is wiser no one will prey on her
She never complains although her life is complicated

Poet Bio

My name is Asiphe from eastern cape. I write with passion. I reflect on daily issues therefore my writing are based on real life story.

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