Mother’s Prayer by Maggy Greaver

Maggy Greaver | August 19th, 2017 | poetry | No Comments

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The scale of life’s happenings
has got me weighty
Pregnant with fear
I need to give birth
Be in labor
Lose some weight
The fruit of my wombs future
Is weighing me down
Got me thinking
I need to pray
My mind throws petitions
My Fruit’s future is uncertain
Although the word
tells me not to worry
or be Anxious
The scale of the world’s happenings
has me pregnant with fear
Petitions instead of prayers
It hits my soul
Protect my fruits oh God of My God
Throw them on fertile grounds so they can be fruitful
Water them with THINE Rains so they won’t Thirst
Provide them with Wardens that will harvest them with Care
Let them be packaged with their kinds so as not to rot
Deal them to quality markets
let their taste remain sweet
so they bring life to those who Chomp them
fear turned to petitions full of anxiety and worry
I push
I’m in manual labor
My fruits are ripe
Ready and
I’m Weighed down
The Worlds happenings has me pregnant with Fear
fall on my Knees
Let No thorns grow in their Share
Plug off the weeds with your winds
let no birds leave no holes on them
should the above be permitted
Provide them keepers
That will observe their good
Pruning the holes Off so only their finest is left so they can bring life to those
Who Chomp them
Scale of the world happenings is weighing me down
Knees on the floor
Petitions in my mind
receive them as my prayers my Lord
remaining in You and Thine remain in me
For a branch cannot produce fruit split from the vine
you are the Vine
I remain in you
I produced the fruits of the womb
be their Vine

Poet Bio


Maggy is sister to one brother wife and mother of 2 Girls, 35 years of age. She loves reading and writing in her spare time

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