Move past it…HOW? by Nqaba Dano

Nqaba Dano | August 9th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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You are told to move past it
As if you weren’t plucked
From your homes
Like flowers off fields
Bunched together in shackles
Packed together like sardines
Lost your freedom
Lost your right to be human
You are told to move past it
By those who forget
That it imprints itself
And history is rooted in our DNA
And that we carry the tears
And screams of human beings
Being bought and sold
Like property by white masters
We are told to move past it
As if it has changed
And now we prosper
When white being owns the land
And the means of production
We are still slaves
Who sell their souls and labour
In order to try and lay claim
To freedom we still must buy
We are told to move past it
Move past the injustices
That created the justice system
That still shackles
And packs us like sardines
Behind four walls and steel bars
Yet the privilege of being white
Is still something you relish
Because you know
It puts you in a better standing
Then the colour black
You tell us to move past it
Even though you ridicule us
And rig a system to imprison us
Or turn us into slaves that sell
Their labour for minimum wage
All in an effort to buy crumbs
Off the master’s table who is still white
Mind you he owns the wealth
And no matter how you look at it
We are still slaves to white masters
So tell me how do we move past that?

Poet Bio

Nqaba Dano is a writer who is growing in his ability to express himself poetically


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