Much Better by Luleka Mhlanzi

Luleka Mhlanzi | November 7th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

One morning you fed on my attention
Each time you called my name
I lost a petal
You would pick it up
Blame it on my clumsiness
And place it on my face somewhere
“Much better” you would say
At this decaying possibility

Poet Bio

Luleka Mhlanzi is a performing and published poet, actress, creative writer and a youth activist who is currently based in Pietermaritzburg.
She is a young lady who considers herself a realist and has decided to be an agent for change through programmes such as Gold Peer Education, Enke Youth Forum, PACSA, and Activate Change Drivers. These programmes have not only helped her shape her into making informed decision about the future they have also rekindled a nurturing spirit she holds and an urge to help transform communities for the better.
She has co-established Pot Of Art PTY LTD, a creative writing and performance company that manages various arts projects, that give platform and education to young voices about societal issues.
As an actress, Luleka played a lead role in a film, The Beast, which was represented by the South African Film Factory at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2016.
Her poet-self has had privileges of performing for festivals like Himeville Festival, Maritzburg Film and Arts Festival, UMzimkhulu Tourism Festival, Ramsgate Book and Arts Festival including 23rd Poetry Africa, virtually she did Hear My Voice Poetry Relief Fund, and Poets You Should Know (Kenya, Nairobi). Luleka’s poem ;Living Black, has had the honor of being published on Sunday Independent newspaper and on Austin Annual Poetry Anthology (USA, Texas).
Luleka finds spiritual harmony and freedom in being unapologetic with her poetry, which is inspired by societal stereotypes, spiritual freedom, patriarchy, feminism, beauty standards and women enlightenment.

She envisions her wings spreading further after finding that not only is she addressing underlying issues and finding healing for herself she is also healing, moving and inspiring other people as well.

Luleka can play a role in mentoring aspiring writers and performers, precisely poetry.
She can also assist in life coaching and assist those embarking on a journey to healing.

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