Murder in a Shebeen by Slumchild

Slumchild | January 3rd, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Lawlessness and testosterone fortresses
Grudges fuels enmity and fates it caresses
From precious sneakers, beers and pretty dresses
The rumour clutches the air
And fester the atmosphere
The pool table stick found emaciated skin
The poor kid tried fighting in less and even lesser means
As a large knife struck wherever it could
Death of a springbok, the fall of a little hood
Fluid hid in night soil
Carried awkwardly by his fours, the half dead boy
Murmured in a nocturnal hullabaloo
Drunken sympathy lept here and there like a kangaroo
Maybe everyone’s family then and there tastes chagrin
Or maybe nocturnal species are sweet darlings
A local bakkie man procrastinated busy charging
Well, another death of a youngling
Boredom leaked another weekend fate, midweek
News are new not a murder in a shebeen

Poet Bio

Lonwabo”Slumchild” Mfuyo is an author/poet and a rapper tackling social issues in esoteric/historical and psychological poetic manifestation. He just self-published a poetry book (The township in a crystal ball) under Reach publishers and currently is working towards marketing it. He writes spellbound by inspiration of South African activism, Pan Africanism and abstract imagination of artistry.

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