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`every morning i kneel and post my earnest prayers to His throne
every Sunday i carry my Big Book to the Holy ground to praise His name
every day and night my supplications unto His Heavens are thrown
but my prayers seem to be dispatched parcels without Receiver’s name!

Lord, i’m still a tender soul from varsity
laden with youthful ambitions of life
my CVs hunt for scarce jobs in every city
but come back home dangling tongues like lazy dogs

i knocked on every door looking for a job
but i was welcomed by words on notice board: No job
i rolled in ashes and cursed my birthday like Job
as i patiently wait upon the Lord’s angel to deliver my job

i closed my bedroom door
and poured my tears unto the Lord
and pretended to be His servant, Lot
who fled from Sodom and Gomorrah

Lord, please send your angel to deliver basket of goodies
i can’t wait anymore because my tummy ever complains
i can’t sleep cos my intestines are pinched by hunger pains
i’m sick and tired of begging for meals from my buddies

i wonder if my angel has been hijacked on his way from heaven
i wonder if my prayers have been sown on gravel
i still hold on my chin and utterly marvel
my heart almost stopped pumping when i landed in ward seven!

was my angel raped, ambushed and robbed of my good tidings!
i threw my eyes unto the Lord and shed rivers of tears
because i couldn’t believe what i heard with my ears
‘Amos, your angel was still on leave, answer your phone when it rings’

but note that there is a heavenly traffic jam, exercise your patience
soon your withered face shall bloom,your eyes glitter with radiance!

Poet Bio

Amos Tebeila is a published poetry and novel author residing in Middelburg, Mpumalanga province. He couples his writing with piano playing.

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