My beloved by Sehloho Piet Rampai

Sehloho Piet Rampai | March 30th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

Beautiful of light skin,
Of smooth hair and short.
Skin tight as flesh as an apple
Dream girlish kind of girl.
Your smell is sweet and gentle
You never stinks of any sort
Your teeth are white, your eyes
Are like those of a new born baby.
The beauty you possesses
Wipes away my pains,
And gently rains.
The sound of your laughter,
Soothes my trouble soul.
The smile on your face
Takes me to an exotic place.
You speak of unforgettable words
Words holding priceless meaning.
Truly God is my witness,
As He knows deeply within my soul
She is my beloved.
And every moment I shall embrace.

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