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Stephanie Du Plessis | August 2nd, 2020 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Poet Bio

I feel the tingling
Down my spine
The fresh air tickling on my skin
The weight off my shoulders

My eyes had glanced into the beyond
A piercing sight
I nearly had some sort of fright
I am scared

Is this what it feels like
The feeling of stepping
Into the world
In which I have total control

Should I let go?
Because I’m struggling to hold on
Dancing to the sound of my tune
Which I can only ruin

Hold my hand
As I take a stand
For all that I can hold
This is my world

Poet Bio

Stephanie Du Plessis writes poetry, flash fiction and short stories. Born in Cape Town, she enjoys the arts and cultural life. Stephanie Du Plessis works as a primary school teacher. She is a new and emerging writer who writes for fun and as a form of expression.

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