My Captain by Tlaki

Tlaki | August 17th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

He steers the ship
Heading to the lighthouse
Nothing detours his grip
All gears in motion
Towards the lighthouse

Though the ocean roar
Swallowing the ship in waves
Though kings and queens may be
The captain is unmoved
Fastens tighter on the steer

Meek but tough
Soft but firm
Subtle but brave
Warm but sharp

The waves are unkind
Heavy and strong
Embracing the cold and storms
Intimidated he is not
His might on the steer
Towards the lighthouse

All belongs and shapes
One who kept focus
One who is guided
Who understands all that is
That his destiny is set
By He who birthed him.

Poet bio

She continues to rise, and sets her eyes on the horizon. A mother, a teacher, a student, a trainer, a leader and a mentor. She loves babies, hippos and birds. When she opens her eyes, she smiles at the universe and her face becomes radiant. She’s named after her grandmother, Matlakale

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