My day by Charl Landsberg

Charl Landsberg | July 11th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Today is my day, Elijah.
Tread carefully so not to sully your holy shoes.
For your war with the king Ahab,
and the souls you’d abuse,
and the innocent casualties in the middle.
Such thaumaturgy:
calling the mountains to kneel;
calling the skies to part;
but today is my day, Elijah.
I cause wounds to heal.
The celestials wax in my favour,
and for all the absent Father’s decree,
my word is law among these stones.
My blood runs through these bones.
Have you come to berate?
Come to chastise?
I’m sorry, dear:
lay me low? –
but blow, after blow, after blow,
and your gospel suffers from diminished returns.
An abused heart seeks solace with better concerns.

Poet Bio


Charl Landsberg is a South African poet, artist, musician, and writer. Their work often focuses on social issues concerning LGBTQIA issues, anti-racism, feminism, and sometimes their work focuses on fantasy, science fiction, or just the silly

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