My Father by angelluv

Londeka Zondi | September 8th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

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He ruled my life like no king
Or god or flesh could ever do
He looked after me like no mother
Could look after her child
He pampered me like no husband
Could do for his wife
He was and is a God, man and carrier of my life.
Through guilt He forgave me
Through shame He never questioned
Through mistakes He never judged
Through challenges He never left me
Through faults and failures He never notice
But He YE HE
He showered me with Blessings
Took all my sins from me
Gave me life when death came
Made me strong when I was weak
Made me smile when I was sad
He is My Father, My Carrier and My Provider
He created me
Natured me
Groomed me
And let me to fly like a bird in His Presence
That is, He who He is
Because of the He, He is
He has created
A creation that is, me

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