My Forever Number One Tyson Harvett-Moolman

Tyson Harvett-Moolman | March 8th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


Before you, I thought: “Let go, love is out of your hands, this can’t be won” …
“Stop dreaming Ty”, I repeated often, “now accept it, just move on”.
For the longest time, I kept wondering when.
Then… there was you! My soul simply rocked. A ten!

Through my door you arrived and into my life – my heart skipped a beat.
You turned around to face me, you just smiled, a spark – our souls seemed to meet.
Towards me you walked, blue eyes ashine.
I was floored by your presence, then lifted, cloud nine!

We clicked immediately, we connected, caught up, got lost, then found.
Hours flew by as our magic began to unfold; clock hands spun all ‘round.
We shared wine, we laughed, then our tattoos were bait!
We travelled to places with our hearts in freight.

I will never forget the moment it felt safe for my fall to start…
That very moment we slow danced, a beautiful stranger stole my heart.
In an instant, I’d met an angel from heaven.
My love bubble, my lucky number seven.

How’s it even possible for someone like you to JUST come along!
Independent, gorgeous, caring, smart and so emotionally strong.
Such a perfect match, the right kind of mix.
You’ve bowled me over AND hit me for a six!

From day one, baby, things fell into place; how easy this has all been.
Though land and sea now separate us, this will never get in between!
… Miss you, all of you, with you I feel alive…
Your hugs, your kiss, your bite, even your high five.

Words will never be able to describe how special to me you are.
But, I know, the love I have for you, can be felt from near and afar.
Like the tide needs its moon and the sea its shore.
With you, there’s nothing I could ever want for.

You have freed my soul, restored my hope and unlocked all my love within.
Our timing is just so perfect; all my life I’ve wondered where you’ve been.
A full and loving life, for this you’re my key.
Together, as one, perhaps two can be three.

How blessed we are when counting all the moments and looking back in time.
I can’t wait to experience more, with me as yours and you as mine.
I’m so grateful for your love, thank you for you.
I’ve never seen anything to match us two.

I look forward to every day, not one I ever want to miss.
And, as we travel together on this magical journey, know this:
I love you; I cherish you, we’ve just begun,
My Valentine, my forever number one

Poet Bio

Born and bred in the heart of South Africa, Johannesburg, Tyson is 36 years old, Banker by trade and man who appreciates the little things in life; driven by balance, love, life and family.

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