My girls by Thea

Thea | October 19th, 2021 | poetry | 1 Comment

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My girls are black girl magic personified.
Rich and a varied, melted blend from the finest soil.
My girls are divinity graced on earth;
Rare and one of a kind.
My girls are fountains of youth springing forth;
Cleansing and forever flowing.
Talented and limitless.

My girls are love in its purest form;
Loyalty unchallenged.
Sacrifices and glue simultaneous.
My girls are strength and endurance;
You could never carry misfortune on your spine with the same reckless elegance.
My girls are unrivaled support and a great wall;
Protection and healing.

My girls are a safe space – they aren’t a house but they are a home.
A refuge dressed as flesh and bones. (Nirvana)
My girls are the sun – my planet revolves around them in reverence and awe.
They are my sunshine in the day and the luminous stars that light my path towards destiny. (Aurora Beuralis)
An unholy, mortal Trinity.

My girls are that old school love;
Laying on the bed – stomach flat, legs swinging – dopamine flowing and cheeks stinging from smiling so goddamn much – type of addiction.
A rush of serotonin and dopamine.
They are my joy personified.
The authors to my genuine laughter but trigger to my animalistic nature.
I’d wage wars and conquer cities in their honor.

My girls are the existence of blessings.
Proof that there is a God above.
My girls are deities;
Created in his image with a touch of cinnamon – saccharine but with a kick.
I don’t believe in soul mates, but I do believe that my girls are the minor pieces that build the picture to my puzzle.
(I miss you.)
With the yearning that could rival star crossed lovers;
My girls, though I am not one for emotional sentiments – I love you.

Poet Bio

Nicknamed after Artemis, a girl who toes the line between both the darkness and the light. Believes in balance and amuses herself with the grey shades that life makes us dwell in often than not.
A dreamer, a poet, one who walks with God and a girl trying to be something.

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