My Heart Beat by Mapitsane Maila

Mapitsane Maila | March 11th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


Hold on, my heart beat
Beat for abandoned children of Africa
Genocide seems to be reality to them
Defenseless and powerless
Raped and tortured
Hatred and fatherless among them
Running for better life
Power replicates struggle
Struggle among the same blood line
Innocents blood remains the victims
Victimized by megalomaniac demagogues
Peace remains taboo in their heart
Africa remains the continent of blood
From colonization to extermination of the same blood
Peace talk remains the language among-st Africans
Solutions never materialist on the ground
Blood shared remains the outcome
Rich in minerals but morally ruin
Infighting champions the core of Africa
Africa remains afraid of peace
My heart beat
My heart beat for peace in my mother’s land
My heart beat for unity and the greatness
Toleration of one another
Love and understanding among Africans
Fear being melodies of the past
Fathers fathered their off spring
Africa being peaceful, lovely and hopeful life
Africa rejoice with the songs of democracy and liberation
Africa my place of comfort

Poet Bio

Mapitsane Maila is a writer, programmer and performer. Born in a village of maila mapitsane situated in sekhukhune area(Limpopo province) . Work as a programmer in a telecommunication company (software development) and he love poetry and do it for fun.

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