My heart calls home by Adri Roothman Buys

Adri Roothman Buys | March 30th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

I yearn unmistakably
to be back in the rooms
that holds the fondest of me
to be inside the walls
where I took shape
cemented by my father’s love
anchored in security
I see the rooms
the furniture
the light through the windows
the laughter
I long to walk those steps again
A treasure hunt
for all that has been lost
I dare to believe that I might find
molecules of dust that remained since 1981
maybe I’ll stumble across the “ghost” of my memories
In my mind when I open the front door
I will be greeted by the long mirror in the entrance foyer
I will vaguely see the image of my dad saluting me
standing there in his uniform
proud to have served his country
My mother busy in the kitchen
homely smells calling us in
to sit around the dinner table
our chain of hands
warming the coldness in my heart
I feel a tear trickle as I hear my dad’s prayer
I yearn to be in that house again
merely a travelling passenger
between my childhood walls

Poet Bio

Adri lives in Cape Town and writes poetry as a hobby in her spare time. She likes to paint a picture with words in the hope that some of it might resonate with someone else and touch another heart.

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