My Heavenly Bed Peace by Soul’O Rocks

Soul'O Rocks | October 17th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


Hell is an unknown threshold my eyes saw fit to touch;

I counted inbound and tempted seconds of restrain to find my only faith,
Just so I could touch my very own breathing vein;

Helen Joseph is my prison witness for my long-waited freedom for living and writing these poems again;

Why would I die knowing I killed myself in more than just poison and fire?

My body is home for me, and home, right now, is farther than harmony reaching for his maker;

Still, I seek to find a solution for the problem suicide finds
to make it a thought in my mind
till this very day;

I wish to tell suicide a very good story of hope
And un-ending happiness and joy in his dark and death-causing smile;

Poet Bio

Soul’O Rocks doesnt want to be found in this world too cointained with its luxuries.

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