My Intact Chains by Thendo Netshivhera

Thendo Netshivhera | Sep 4th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


I woke up this morning
Hoping for a new beginning
Wishing for things change

But like other mornings
My chains are still intact
My wrists and ankles continue to bruise

When is freedom coming?
All the others have received theirs
Except for my class

I raise up my chained hands
Hoping to be freed
But it seems my race doesn’t have the keys
To save me from my cries

We sent the first one and he brought us peace
Instead of keys

The second one reminded us of who we are
Despite our hands being tied

Then the third one inspired us with plans and dreams
Again, forgetting to unchain us

Here we are having sent the fourth one
And I see
He has the keys
I raise my hands in jubilance
At long last hoping to be freed
He smiles, then ties my hands with another chain

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