My Love: As Recited to a Daisy by Brayden Guilford

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Little thing, thou art
With a bonnie, yellow heart
Pretty little white dress-
In zephyr I pray, it ne’er fall apart.

So, as I trudge, through the meadow
Do forgive me little daisy
For mine sight, sometimes be hazy
‘Twere not me own fault, I do beg you believe
‘Twere her’s, so beau’ she is
Taking all me view, as I step to you
Her sheenèn eyes, so sweeter
I’d never have anything, lovelier than a daisy
But her, my little thing, I tell ye
Braw, kinder, prettier, she be.

Something greater known
For, when she is alone
My name she calls
Through the mist of peoples
Is my feeling overblown?
Shall I depart, ne’er home
Or will my heart a’simply fall?

For of all the kinder, sweet
More braw and handsome
Mine name is set into song
So sweetly, such musician
Do sweep your string
Like rapture upon the brawer rill
And by these rose gardens, my love and I did meet.

Poet Bio

Brayden Guilford is a secondary level student from Ōtorohanga, New Zealand. At the age of fifteen, he has completed a total of 126 poems, 13 short stories and 6 musical compositions of varying lengths. Brayden is currently working on his first anthology entitled “Sweeter than Lindèn”, featuring a total of 40 poems and his first major story, “Cailìn”.

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