My Mask by Paul Zietsman

Paul Zietsman | March 21st, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Decades of erosion, willingly losing limbs,
to reveal only what’s real, no mask concealing
a fracture, or a scar.

Only a polished approach toward the actual,
the real, sarcastically inoffensive, characteristically
helpful, blatantly self.

Humbly assured, equipped in impactful verse,
scarcely shared, sweet in its truthfulness, connecting
to another’s beating heart.

This is the mask I’ll wear, moving into the next,
the blank page of a life, waiting to be build, the dream,
to be someone else’s dream.

Poet Bio

Paul is an artist at heart, using the mediums of photography and poetry to express himself. The eternal search for truth is reflected in his work.

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