My Money Story by KG

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If I could kill life and turn a new leave.
Prepare the world for my rebirth.
Lead a life that manipulates death.
Work out my future like math.
Multiplying and dividing my future fortune
Subtracting all my misfortunes.
Cheat school and not be a fool.
Righteously doing the wrong and making it cool while I rule.

If I could afford two leaves.
My income out-living my expenses.
While my joint is dishing a few more senses.
A life that fills pages, My potential is still in a cage.
Will my time be measured in ages?
And my worth by my wages?

Busy as a bee yet money does not grow on trees.
Incarcerated mind but free
I call it as I see.
Will I be what I long to be
A picture of me fulfill my needs
BEE is what I need

The kindest you will ever meet and the baddest you will never meet.
But money is still playing hard to get.
I wish my life had a script.
Because I still have my desires to treat.

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A poet who simplifies poetry


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