My Mother’s Breath by Hazel Tobo

Hazel Tobo | Jun 1st, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


My mother’s breath has never stopped keeping me alive
Like an oxygen tank invisible to the eye
I know that when she breathes my heart is cleansed
Not every eye can see what I have seen
In the magic that permeates the ground she walks on
And the air she breathes
But if you look up you might see
All the wonders I have seen
Yet it might take more than two
But twelve glaring eyes to see
That she is enough and more
That she can even change around
The battered hearts of many of the lost sons
This nation encounters.
Not everyone knows that she is life in human form
Beautiful and strong
But I know
Hence I say look up at the star-filled sky
To see the language my mother’s breath alone speaks.

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Author, Photographer, Poet. All the things she is yet to become.

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