My Natural Black Woman by Aubrey Mgwenya

Aubrey Mgwenya | June 8th, 2011 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments
Her chocolate complexion remains dimmed,
Like the evening golden sunset of a winter`s day.
Her bright eyes glowing like two stars, displayed
From the curtains of heaven`s joy.
Her pride consumed and refined by the richness-
Of both my heart and thoughts,
Her innocent smile so beautiful, like a bunch
Of roses and daffodils,I remember when I held her tightly in my arms.
Her body felt so warm and tender, like
the dawn sunshine of spring-day.
I won’t forget her soft breasts that landed in my chest,
How warm and comforting.

I wish they could but for eternity be.
Her hips and reverse shaped and patterned our fate-
By the hands of unforgettable moments,
Her kiss lubricated my lips, and caressed my tongue
Smoothly and gently, like the sweet wine from the Mediterranean.

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