My nightmares by Clement Mokwana Mokgoadi

Quaz | May 7th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


A moment to cease
A life never at ease
A world so beautiful and yet so cruel
My world, my dream world
Every chance I get, a friend I create
A friend to challenge sleep,
a new nightmare in place
Another place and yet not another time
A moment in time to take
Nightmares in three dimensions unlike time
They are so real and “curved” almost like space
They’re so real they propagate through time
My dream world a castle floating in space
Nightmares can be sweet too,
Without the struggle of crossing that fine line
Me to my dreams, it’s just me and you
So you don’t have to be sweet to prove that I’m fine
Nightmares so sweet in a world known to be cruel
Like sweet dreams, my nightmares need no special place or different time
A beautiful place being a nightmare
My nightmares put up a good place too

Poet Bio

Clement seeks knowledge above all, he often reads mythologies and the art works of the previous time. He believes that through poetry all of art can be understood.

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