My pain to feel by Thabang Ngoma

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This is my demon to kill
My hell to quell
In the bed of my own grill
And the comforts I swell

Cooking in the oil of my toil
Wrapped in the foil of my soil
Marinated in the bile of my own smell
Dipped in a pool of my drool to cool

This was my egg to boil
They were my hopes to sell
Before the infernos left me clinging to a pole
And regretting the dreams they stole

It is my wrong judgement to trial
My sins and crimes to bail
The thread of my life to reel
As the needle pricks are too real

This is my self portrait to pencil
To clean the splash of life’s spinning wheel
To wipe the mud of troubles from my heel
And my letter to quill and seal

So I must break the shell
And bury the empty coffin in a well
Hope to find some coins and maybe a pearl
Before I fill the hole in the soil I drill

This my soul to spoil
If I choose to wheel and deal
And my pain to heal
If I choose to bow and kneel

This is my ship to sail
My coral reef to the eel if I fail
My dead skin to peal
My sky blue to thrill

Poet Bio

I am an aspiring writer and enjoy reading and writing poetry. I also enjoy reading encyclopeadia and journals.


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