My people’s song, I purr by Lara Reis

Lara Reis | July 7th, 2021 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

Poet Bio

When cats see lions,
I see raw diamonds.

Weightless Zion,
Iron build of kingdoms under Orion.
While I sleep or even nap
Over your clumsy lap.

I count, one, two, three, four and five,
Of my knights,
Their knives,
Each night.

To scion just a tiny ion;
Of your unconditional feline love.

Now let me wake you up,
Over your ugly nose
I sing you my people’s song, I purr.
‘Feed me! It is already early!’

Poet Bio

Lara Reis goes on an adventure. Later, after a deep nap and a strong coffee, repeat. She will go on an adventure. Later.

Please understand that all good stories always have a dragon.

Her name is Lara. She was born in 1984 and since childhood, this nomad has written about the worlds built up in her head. However, when she is too lazy to express herself in with words, she uses her simple drawing skill.

To each of you who has read and follow her stories, poetry and other creations: Lara thanks you.

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