My Sanctuary by Gameedah Riffel

Gameedah Riffel | April 8th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

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The dictionary describes a sanctuary as a holy place.
A shelter, safe haven, protection from the human race.
If I think of the word sanctuary,
You immediately come to mind.
My heart, my salvation, my love for human kind.

A peaceful place, in the forests of my dreams.
The waterfall being my tears,
Falling to my knees.
The animals echoing my heartbeat,
Which beats only for one.
The sky a majestic turquoise,
Which only makes me want to run.
To run further into my sanctuary.
Closer and closer to you.

People ask me what is my sanctuary.
And I say that it is you.

Poet Bio

This poet loves to write poetry about love.

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