My scars by Nontokozo Sibanyoni

Nontokozo Sibanyoni | July 18th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 2 Comments

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I am not afraid of my scars
I’m not afraid of their depth
How their mark seems to shape my life
I’m not afraid that they have become-
the root of my smiles

They are just scars, they don’t hurt anymore
just memoirs of wounds long healed
Just a beginning of my happy ending
So I cherish them as a foundation-
the foundation of my wisdom

I’m not afraid of my scars
Or the ones who put them there
I wear them proudly as a reminder
That I might have lost some battles-
but I will win the war.

Poet Bio

Lover of words and art.

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2 thoughts on “My scars by Nontokozo Sibanyoni”

    1. Hi there Sqinisiwe. Yes isiZulu poems are accepted, provided it comes with an English translation.

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