My sight by Maiketso Ntsoli

Quaz | May 6th, 2020 | poetry | 2 Comments


If it’s not through rosy spectacles
If it’s a grumpy Monday attitude
If my x-ray is unexamined
Who do I tell

I started with the man in the mirror
I concentrated on my speck
I relooked my shortcomings
I turned a new leaf

Like an eagle over rainy clouds
Like an owl with a rotating neck
I beheld every side
But others still won’t believe my sight

All along the watchtower
Spy in the shadows
My Investigative personality
I gather new and ancient wisdom

I keep it all bottled
Instead of sending a message in a bottle
Some say I’m insecure
I tell the others won’t believe me

Poet Bio

I’m a published writer in Sasolburg Free State South Africa.

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2 thoughts on “My sight by Maiketso Ntsoli”

  1. Great words there. I have tried to submit my poems too, but there is no submission button on this platform. You send them via email?

    1. Hi there Moses. Please make sure to tick all the boxes. Only then does the submit button appear.

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