My undeniable Hero by Naomi Julius

Naomi Julius | Nov 27th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


Your eyes they mirror mine
Your soul is my reflection
I see you, you see me
We are one

My darkness overwhelms me
Your hand is my anchor
Each day you seek me out,
and make the pain less real

Your pictures tell a story
A story of misery and fantasy
The story is mine, it is yours
We are one

You saved me with your sweet roar
You pulled me from my darkness
You saved me with your deranged love
How will I survive now, tell me how?

You saved me and I failed you
Forgive me how I hate thee
You saved me, I can’t find you
I lost you, I’m so empty

How do I go on, why did you go
The sweet roar brings great agony
I loved you, you loved me and left,
left me with you, your voice, your roar

Forever and ever my darling
You will definitely be
My undeniable Hero

Poet Bio

I have always been the quiet type. Never played outside as a child. Preferred to read and write. When I was 12 our class was given a task to write poems. I submitted first and my teacher was very impressed, so I ended up writing everyone’s poems for them. I always sit and daydream and have so many stories and poetry hidden away in my mind, but I just never have the time to write them down. I hope that one of these days I will be able to finish my novel that I started writing 10 years ago.

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