My village, your people by Qhawe

Qhawe | August 18th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


We are still waiting for you
and the things you promised us.
When you left,
we gave you everything we had.
We starved and drained ourselves for you!
We literally gave you every grain in our hearts for you to go…
and come back to rescue us!

At times,
we wish we were like the woman in the bible who was resistant to giving a stranger the last things she had for more.

But we knew you!
You were no stranger.
You sat in the tables and broke bread with the elders.
You crossed legs with children around bonfires and told our stories and played our games.
You knew us!
You knew our stories.
You knew our desires and destinies.
But when you found green pastures,
you disappeared with it and its light!

Poet Bio

Sanele is a battling ocean yearning to be still. He’s from East London and he writes about social issues.

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