My Way Home by Sihle Ntuli

Sihle Ntuli | June 5th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

I wonder what they’ll say
Will the words spill out their mouths
Will their mouths open for Oxygen to fill their breathlessness
While their breath conditions my condition that overheats
As i search for the cool breeze that used to run through me
The heat of where i’ve been has had my skin melt
Shedding my load where i thought in the dark
The heat remained constant consistently
The dungeon of foreign places in a backyard
Now i what for my way home

Heated arguments with Grahamstown,
It beats me down in the days with just a light and rays,
No breeze around here these days,
Then to night time Grahamstown turns to G’town,
Where there the clouds are filled with cigarette smoke and it rains alcohol,
How’s that for weather i don’t whether i need a raincoat or an umbrella,
Bigger problem i’m choking the clouds are so close i touch them just by breathing in,
I might just get asthma i used to be lost for breath when a sexy ass ma walked my way now i save my breath,
Sometimes it feels like my chests been open like the O-zone layer and i can’t breath in,
Now i wait for my way home to fill me in.

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