Natural Bonding by Soma Bose

Soma Bose | November 1st, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


My memories know which way to follow-
Let the wind guide the way to borrow-
to borrow the past track of way-
where it helped the blossoms to sway,
Where the river still flows through the shrink passage-
Where I used to climb through the mountain range.
The mountain still surrounds the village where I had a abode-
I used to sing, run and smile and mountain blew the echo-s with wind-strode.
My memories are driving my body and soul towards the past scene-
With a crushing kick within my mind, they are really keen-
They are really keen to say, ” Don’t forget the river and the mountain-
which still recall you with their eternal unchanged bonding and presence in natural chain.”

Poet Bio

I started writing with Indian Express, Pune (1997-2000), then moved on to specialise in poetry and short stories. In addition, my book “Between The Lips And A Cup of Tea” is available on Amazon.

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