Ndopembera newe by Tinashe Muchuri

Tinashe Muchuri | Aug 3rd, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

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[tab id=1]Ndakakuona uchiyaruka
semuti pahova dzemvura mhenyu
dzinde rako, matavi namashizha zvako zvichisimba
kusimbisa matavi namashizha mazhinji
zvichipa mumvuri kumazwi ari kuyaruka
murwendo rwawo rwekuda kunzwika
uko nekokoko!
nhasi hezvo amazwi akatsetseka
ndopembera newe
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I celebrate with you

I saw you growing
like a tree near rivers of water
your trunk, branches and leaves firming
producing more branches and leaves
giving shelter to new voices
pleading to be heard
far and wide. today,
with refined words
I celebrate with you.[/tab]
[tab id=3]Tinashe Muchuri is an actor, blogger, performing poet, storyteller and author. His poetry has appeared in International journals and seven anthologies, two of them Shona. He has performed poetry at arts festivals in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa region. He wants to change the world with words and believes only words will change the world not arms of war. Poetry is a language that defines, connect, unite and develop humanity. Through poetry the world finds its lost self and gathers itself. After all poetry is his prayer and the voice to which he speaks to God.[/tab]

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