Never Forget by Ace

Ace | February 22nd, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

I remind myself daily, even if I don’t want to
You are not meant for this world although everyone says you have to
I don’t fit in
But I can’t stand to be alone
So I contort myself in different ways just so I may be adored
I remind myself no one likes you even when some might
But when I truly need them they are out of sight
I remind myself I am alone
That I will die in a pit of despair without a house or a home
I try to find hope
but I remind myself that hope is a joke
Hope is just a false reality for the broke and unknown
You must carve your own destiny
from the wood of the tree of life
Once you get there thank all that have helped
For if you don’t you may find never find yourself
Among the snakes and scorpion, there is a peace
but you first must learn how to live with your own heartbeat
I remind myself but I also must remind you
because this is too long to be a hiku
You have learned from me
now I must learn from you
And together we can live a grow to make this world brand new.


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