Never give up the pursuit by Little Bird

Little Bird | August 28th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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As I navigate these murky waters
A shipwrecked graveyard of forgotten dreams and broken promises
Afloat on an ocean of tears and muffled whispers, a place of sirens and dreaded sea monsters

The wind eerily sings a song barely audible to the human ear, the mists of indecision and compulsion carry her melody through the still night air.
I plot my course, wind at my back and soldier on, avoiding the haunting calling of the lost souls song

I seek the sunshine and blue waters, peace, tranquillity and most of all to be set free
I can almost taste the warmth on my skin
Just hold on, stay strong, be bold and true
Just dig your heels in you’re doing this for you

The pangs of fear and guilt from tales untold, so full of razor sharp thorns this blossoming bud of truth I hold
I dare not step out of the fray for who knows what calamities may transpire that day

My mind adrift with deep churning contemplation, not a single thought I have not yet fathomed, over and over as the days draw on. With each that passes its harder to find that slither of hope to bask in my glorious sunshine

No time for weakness and no tears left to cry I have to press on now, try as I might
Even in darkness there’s the faintest flicker of light, a glimmer of hope so desperate to shine bright

I look up to the heavens and much to my delight, I see an old friend, so familiar, so luminous his light
He’ll hold my hand, he’ll be my guide, navigating me safely through the darkness of night

He holds me closely, I hold him dear and when he is with me I no longer fear
I know in my heart my direction is true as long as I never give up my pursuit

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Lady of Special Wonder

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