New Mum by Naazneen Laher

Naazneen Laher | November 13th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


I see them judging
I see them wondering
I know they are speculating

Confused as to why my motherhood is on trial
Constantly under the microscope
…are you waiting for me to fail?
Continuously questioning my decisions

A first-time mum
Scared as hell
Guessing if I am doing this right

Please don’t bring tears to these tired eyes
Enough has been shed

I cannot mend your insecurities
I have stitches that need mending

Please don’t project your unrealistic goals
Onto my MY motherhood

I have my own insecurities
My own goals

Leave me to find my feet
Let me create my own narrative
It is not yours
He is not yours

Poet Bio

Nazneen Laher is a mother, writer, teacher and counsellor. Her work has previously appeared in Poetry Potion, The Kalahari Review and on Instagram (@poemsbynaaz), and she has poetry manuscripts she is looking to publish.

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