Next Edition Submission Call: Between Black and White

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SUBMISSIONS FOR THIS CALL ARE CLOSED… see A Poem A Day for calls for the Poem of the Day

In South Africa, politics and poetics seem to have always been entwined. The journalists, bloggers and others can have their say about the status quo but the Poet’s response (commentary) has the ability to undress the situation and lay it bare without too many words and often with words wrapped in multiple meanings.

So now here we are in a post-Marikana (I’m sure this is not how they wanted to be put on the map), post-Spear, mid-Secrecy Bill, mid-Etoll, mid-education crisis etc, etc… The list seems to go on and never end. South Africa, indeed the world, is overflowing with senselessness which we all try to understand.

The Oct/Nov edition theme is:


Between Black and White, some would think there’s grey, right? Maybe. Maybe not.

This next edition, I’d like us to explore the extremes as well as the in-betweens of what’s RIGHT or WRONG, GOOD or BAD. We all have a sense of what it means to be right or wrong. We all have an opinion about what our leaders can do right or wrong… So let’s put it out there, as creatives our activism is in our creative output because we have the ability and the opportunity to reach people’s hearts and minds.

I’m looking for POETRY and PROSE.

Challenge yourself, flex your writing muscle, submit your best work and, most of all, enjoy yourself.

DEADLINE forSubmissions is 30 September 2012

This call is open to poets WORLDWIDE.

NOTE: Please include the words “Between Black and White” at the top of your submission or in the subject line.

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