Next to you by Portia Sifelani

Portia Sifelani | October 19th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


In my dreams, I hope for a good night’s sleep.
Loud but soft,
sometimes dull, and difficult to discern.
You invade my bed and fill the room.
I dream of easier ways
How do I get to know you?

I wish you were more human
With flesh and a warm body.
I would touch you.
The many questions I would ask you.
You are a whisper sometimes a song.
You give me visions,
reciting futures and passions so strong.
I want to understand how many you are.
I suspect you are just one.
You are like the wind
which howls with a multitude of pitches.
Yet it is one.
No one can tell where it is going
No one can tell where we are going.
A moral compass will not help.
Stay next to me till the break of dawn.

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