Nietzsches Regenschirm by Mitja Lovše

Quaz | March 7th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

A man asks you for a change,
while you stay beside yourself,
since the firm you were a part of
decided to tell you how to go away.

This could go either way,
one of them involves a police,
so you take a deep breath to calm
what you continue to exist as of now.

You do give him some money
as you become the person to walk
into another chapter you will have,
though you’ll still not sure on the story.

The street is suddenly filled with rain,
the man goes to buy an umbrella …

Poet Bio

Mitja Lovše is a writer, a performer and a director from Slovenia. He works within the fields of theatre, film, television and literature. He’s still alive.

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