Night Letter to Madiba by Devi Moodley

Devi Moodley | March 31st, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 1 Comment


Sorry Madiba, you were hidden from us.
Our Prescribed texts taught us about
Wolraad Woltemade, Dick King and
Portuguese navigators,
But not of You….

We studied Lenin, Stalin and Hitler,
But not of your struggles for Freedom,
Equality and Democracy…

Who would have thought that from the dusty
roads of Qunu, to the cold walls of prison cells,
would emerge the first Democratic President,
and shortly thereafter, World Icon and Humanitarian.

You persevered with determination and courage.
In forgiving your offenders, you freed South Africa,
and hence your Soul…
and replaced the pain with love and humility.
You reached out to your enemies; to widows; children;
Sporting Hero’s; the blind, deaf and disabled; and
ensured that you secured a place in every heart.
You took our country to the global arena,
and you brought the world to our doorstep.

The media that hid you from us, have sung your
Praises, ten fold; bringing tears to every heart.
The Island that once held you captive,
now captivates the many tourists that flock to
hear your tales…
As they sail to reach a cold, concrete structure,
Your welcoming smile will shine across the waves,
and they will be warmed by your triumphs…

Go well Tata, Father of our Nation.
You have done your duty and can rest now.
You leave behind giant footsteps, for the world
to follow and emulate.
Henceforth, as I cross the border and visit another
country, I shall proudly remember to say, “I am from
South Africa, land of Madiba.”

Poet Bio

Devi Moodley is the Director of De-Vi Education and Training College in Durban. She holds a B.A. Degree in English and Communications and is an author and poet; with her poems being published by the Poetry Institute of Africa.

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1 thought on “Night Letter to Madiba by Devi Moodley”

  1. This poem rocks , its one of the best poems that i have read thus far , hope it get published in the schools throughout South Africa.

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