Nightmare of the Congo by NoLIFE

NoLIFE | March 7th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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Light from a cigarette
flickers like Morse code,
and a shadowy figure blows
smoke rings that look like fingers
digging through graves
to find their bodies.

Ectoplasm emanates
from its coughing fits —
it hits the floor and glows
with the outline of a conquered continent

Observing the horror on my face
the shadow smiles …
gold and diamonds in its mouth shine,
and it’s so breathtaking
that you can see
this is countenance
for which people have died.

Perineal nightmares
have etched themselves in time
Like trauma tattood on Infinity …
painfully scribed
but this wretched creature
Is hard to describe.

Old traditions sewed it together
So you can see the divine … right
of kings at its seams —
It’s a façade
of a consciences teeming
with guilt from slaughtered dreams.

Languishing in the darkness it evokes,
paradoxically proud
the children here are born knowing not
to say its name aloud.

Disjointed it stands
and dances
in the distance.

The shadow was a jester
that scared us to death and disappeared
and it still lingers In the poem.
Staring from the first letter in every stanza

The ghost of …

Poet Bio

NoLIFE is a poet, rapper, and journalist. He arranges words in sequences that make sense — sometimes in a weird way.

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