Nineteen Seventy-Conscience by K.I.N.G Cedric

K.I.N.G Cedric | July 4th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


Marikana has not forgotten
What we as the youth of old have become
The potholes and potbelly’s
Share secrets in group chats

Where the conversation is
Gather the youth to scatter them in low income
Or no wages, that unless they soil their fingers
With bloodlines of haunted spirits
They are not deserving of prosperity

The best prosperity out there, is the stolen kind
The “if they don’t give it then I’ll take what’s mine”
But is never mine, tax money meant for
Better life lays bare funding the cold calls
We use to cut them off

From water, electricity, jobs
And the necessities
Let us placate the youth
With jigging their energies

For our pleasure, naked bodies
Carrying our fetishes, we are politicians
Gentlemen it’s about entertainment
By any means!

I’ll be damned if they don’t crown us kings
Discard the youth they are wet behind the ears
They know nothing of our struggling
They are spoiled at best and the things we give
Deserve thank yous not these “not like that”’s they give

There were no hashtags in our time
Mobilising was a matter of life and death
The shadows were king and strategies
Were signed by blood and tension

They don’t know how good they have it
They say we run the country down
But by the looks of things we are
Stretching beyond making it

Land is coming back
Black millionaires are a thing
Luxury, white life is at our palms
We are the forefront of everything

They are just lazy, or maybe they are right
Maybe Sandton has outdone itself in blinding us
Maybe the grass is greener where we water it
At the cost of their sanitation, maybe there’s new blood
That pays the cost of the lives we live

Maybe it’s the new generation
Maybe they are the ones we failed
And maybe it’s not a maybe thing
Rather it is a definite

Poet Bio

Born Malibongwe Sicelo Cedric Dladla K.I.N.G Cedric is a Poet, Independent Creative Journalist, and community practitioner. With a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology and Sociology) Degree, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate with Google Skills for Africa his newfound lease on poetry follow 14 years of informal nurturing is rested upon following all his spiritual callings one stanza at a time. K.I.N.G Cedric has performed at the Pietermaritzburg Poetry Festival, Cup ‘O Thought, Tree of Poetry, CSP Poetry Slams (Durban Edition), UKZN (Howard and Pietermaritzburg Colleges), The Backyard Arts Session, The Live Experience in association with 95 Photography and most recently, Bloom SA (Launch Event). Mr Dladla’s Profession include NPO work with Bloom. His longform writing has been published on CULTURE Review and has been published on Poetry Potion.

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Twitter: @KINGCedric95
Instagram: @KINGCedric95
Facebook: @KINGCedric95

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